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Skipping the CI build job on

less than 1 minute read

The salsa-ci team offers pre-written CI jobs to build and test your Debian package with every push. In case you don’t want to start the build every time you ...

Abit AirPace, ath5k and eduroam

1 minute read

I tried to connect my university workstation to the wireless eduroam network on the campus. The workstation was delivered with an Abit AirPace wifi card (pro...

Update to Lenny

less than 1 minute read

Now that Lenny has been released I’ve updated some machines and found just one flaw. There is a cvsd installation which has been extended with an OpenSSH ser...

Server paths broken

less than 1 minute read

Because of a broken alias the path /ubuntu/dists/intrepid/ was not available and resulted in a 404 error. This has been fixed now.