chemical-mime-data 0.1.94 released

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Today I released a new version of the chemical-mime-data package, namely 0.1.94. This version adds and improves support for various chemical MIME types (see below). It fixes several build issues and improves some detection and build stuff. The RH bug #225095 ( bug #1616568) has been fixed. The TODO list is now also a little bit shorter, because several items (source and package documentation) have been done with this release too.

This version adds support for:

  • chemical/x-cactvs-ascii
  • chemical/x-cactvs-binary
  • chemical/x-cactvs-table
  • chemical/x-cdxml
  • chemical/x-gamess-output
  • chemical/x-gulp
  • chemical/x-ncbi-asn1
  • chemical/x-ncbi-asn1-binary
  • chemical/x-ncbi-asn1-xml

Support has been improved for:

  • chemical/x-cdx
  • chemical/x-cml
  • chemical/x-cif
  • chemical/x-dmol
  • chemical/x-gamess-input
  • chemical/x-gaussian-input
  • chemical/x-gaussian-log
  • chemical/x-genbank
  • chemical/x-hin
  • chemical/x-inchi
  • chemical/x-inchi-xml
  • chemical/x-mdl-rxnfile
  • chemical/x-mmcif
  • chemical/x-mol2
  • chemical/x-msi-car
  • chemical/x-msi-hessian
  • chemical/x-msi-mdf
  • chemical/x-msi-msi
  • chemical/x-pdb
  • chemical/x-shelx

The full release changelog can found at the project site.

An updated Debian package will be available soon in the experimental tree (not in sid because of the release freeze).